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Sonova volunteering for Cambodia

Sonova employees, together with prominent ambassadors, actively support the work of the Hear the World Foundation and with that the corporate social responsibility initiative of Sonova. The joint goal is to create equal opportunities and a better quality of life for people who have suffered hearing loss. Presently 21 projects worldwide are being supported by the Hear the World Foundation. As part of Hear the World cooperation with the aid organization All Ears Cambodia (AEC) that has been working in Cambodia for over a decade four employees undertook voluntary work – with enthusiasm, expert knowledge and a lot of creativity.

Providing aid in Cambodia is no easy task, especially when many Cambodians affected by hearing loss and their families are not aware of the medical care options available and do not know who to contact for help. This situation needs to change.

Social media, plain and simple

Frank Nigro, Social Media Strategist at Advanced Bionics and Vincent Tervooren, Social Media Interactions Manager for Phonak, lent their support to Hannah Chroston from AEC by offering useful and creative tips on enhancing the organization’s online profile. By exchanging e-mails and chatting on Skype, they helped her develop a sustainable social media strategy.

“Using the knowledge that I had acquired from our own strategic initiatives for social media to fulfill AEC’s requirements was a great experience. I am still in touch with Hannah and share social media-related info-graphics, newspaper articles and tips on brand awareness with her.”

Frank Nigro (Social Media Strategist, Advanced Bionics)

Patient management system: practical and efficient

As part of his voluntary work, Martin Grob, Manager Business Intelligence at Sonova, improved the patient database at the audiological clinic in Phnom Penh. The aim joined forces with the local administrative manager at AEC was to develop a practical and efficient patient management system that would be capable of tracking appointments and gathering relevant patient data. “The challenge in developing this system was to keep it simple, while also providing a standardized input function and allowing for easy statistical analyses,” explains Martin. Now that the first draft version is complete, the patient database is to be implemented and subsequently optimized to ensure that it can meet future requirements as effectively as possible. Martin is keeping in regular contact with AEC to support the database implementation.

An anniversary campaign for All Ears Cambodia

To mark its tenth anniversary, All Ears Cambodia is planning to launch a campaign involving a series of advertisements and the production of an image film. Nicole Arnold, a graphic designer for Phonak, assisted the organization in planning this campaign and developed the impressive image material used in the three advertisements that are ready to go to print so far.

“I have really enjoyed making a contribution to such an important project and hope that I can help AEC with further projects in the future too.”

Nicole Arnold (Graphic Designer, Phonak)

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