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Sonova in Brazil – a story of success

For Sonova, Brazil is an example of successful business development in an emerging market. A film shows Sonova’s excellent positioning in Brazil and how every day, the employees contribute to giving the delight of hearing to a growing number of people.

South America’s largest country with its more than 200 million inhabitants is a promising market for the Sonova Group: Today, only one in 20 people with hearing loss wears a hearing aid in Brazil. In average, this rate is four times lower than in Europe or North America, offering continuous growth potential for Sonova.

With a broad range of innovative products and solutions, Sonova optimally covers the diverse needs of the Brazilian market. Furthermore, Sonova contributes to foster the understanding of the importance of hearing within the population and facilitates an optimal care for all consumers. For example, Sonova works in close collaboration with public and private hospitals.

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