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Hear the World Foundation “Sounds of the Season” campaign

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, Sonova’s Hear the World Foundation appeals for us to cherish and protect our hearing in a new and emotionally charged video. The video is part of a long-term campaign being distributed through social media networks.

A festive meal with the family, children laughing as they open their presents, a log fire crackling: these are wonderful sounds of the season, evoking good memories and warm feelings. We all love to hear them, but what would it be like if you could no longer hear all these sounds?

The Hear the World Foundation’s latest video demonstrates just this: emotionally powerful images show how important it is to cherish and protect one’s hearing. Our hearing allows us to communicate with others and is thus critically important to our social lives. In order to spread this message to as many people as possible, the Hear the World Foundation is distributing its ad via social media networks and other online media. The campaign has been highly successful, with the video clocking over 3,000 YouTube downloads in the first week of its posting. 

Elena Torresani, Head of the Hear the World Foundation, says of the social media campaign: 

Our blog Sounds Good offers users multimedia information and tips about protecting one’s hearing. In our modern, visually-oriented world, we often underestimate the importance of good hearing: 50% of all hearing loss is preventable. Our campaigns aims to raise awareness about this issue, so that everyone can continue to enjoy their favourite sounds of the season in the years to come.

Elena Torresani, Head of Hear the World Initiative 

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