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A dream comes true

Innovative hearing solutions from Advanced Bionics make a dream come true for teenage surfer Allison Emge: riding the waves without any worries while hearing.

Eighteen-year-old Allison Emge lives a perfectly normal life in San Diego, California: she attends high school, is enthusiastic about learning Spanish and is one of the best students in her year. She spends her leisure time playing volleyball on the beach with her friends and surfing. Allison showed clear signs of hearing loss when she was two years old. After investigating the subject in detail, her parents opted for a cochlear implant from Advanced Bionics.

Allison wears the new sound processor Naída CI Q70, a result of combining the technological advances achieved by Advanced Bionics and Phonak. Thanks to the processor's intelligent functions, for example, speech understanding can be improved and a wireless connection is made possible. Cutting-edge hearing solutions such as Neptune, the first and only waterproof sound processor; the AquaMic, the only waterproof microphone for cochlear implant systems; and accessories such as AquaCase, a waterproof container for the Naída CI Q70 sound processor, open up new options for recipients to hear anywhere, anytime.

I lead a perfectly normal life, and I have no end of fun.

Allison Emge

AquaMic and AquaCase made a dream come true for Allison: she hoped to enjoy watersports and be able to hear without worries. This bright young woman with her long sun-bleached brown hair is often to be seen leaping into the waves with her surfboard on the beach at San Diego. Allison lives right on the Pacific shore with her parents, Derek and Suzanne. The garage of their beachside home is full of surfboards. From the terrace, she can run across the warm sand and past the beach volleyball nets straight into the ocean waves.

The same vision − "A life without limitations" − underpins all the Sonova brands. Everyone should have the delight of hearing and be able to live a life without limitations. No one demonstrates this better than the eighteen -year-old girl from California. "I lead a perfectly normal life, and I have no end of fun," Allison says with a smile as she races back into the water with her surfboard.

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