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Annual report rating: Sonova is this year’s rising star

The Swiss Annual Report Rating’s rising star for 2015 is none other than Sonova, with the company climbing the greatest number of places from among more than 200 firms entered for the competition in Switzerland. The jury was especially impressed by the emotional components of the company’s annual report. 

The Swiss Annual Report Rating covers the corporate reporting of all listed companies featured in the Swiss Performance Index (SPI). Some companies with high revenues, insurers with large premium volumes and banks with big balance sheet totals are added, taking the number of firms on the list to over 200. This sample is then judged by a series of juries. A selection procedure is used to rate the quality of the “Value Reporting” and “Design” of the printed and online versions of these companies’ annual reports. 

Sonova was recognized as the company that had managed to climb the greatest number of places in the overall ratings. The firm received a particularly good appraisal in the Design category, achieving 19th place in the consolidated listings for the Print and Online categories. Sonova’s report was also among the best in Switzerland in the Value Reporting Print (32nd place) and Value Reporting Online (41st place) categories, with the jury reserving special mention for the appeal of Sonova's emotional components.

“For a life without limitations” – emotional story-telling in the annual report

„Für ein Leben ohne Einschränkungen“ – Emotionales Storytelling im Geschäftsbericht

“Ever since the 2013/14 annual report, we have been casting the spotlight on one country in each new edition, providing concrete examples of the success we are achieving with our strategy and core brands there. The stories from the USA, this year’s focus country, describe vividly how we are helping people to hear better,” explains Thomas Bernhardsgrütter, Director Investor Relations. “We report true events from the lives of our customers, business partners and staff, and home in on these personal and emotional experiences, as the cover image of our annual report also demonstrates,” adds Patrick Lehn, Corporate Communications Manager, who is responsible for the report’s emotional story-telling. “It shows 18-year-old Allison Emge on the beach at San Diego with her surfboard. Thanks to our waterproof hearing solutions, she can now wear our devices even when surfing – hearing the roar of the waves, living a life without limitations and enjoying genuine quality of life.”  

This successful story-telling concept is to be continued in the forthcoming 2015/16 report and expanded into multi-media formats. The cover story is about how a young footballer with hearing loss makes his dream come true. This is a just another real and touching example of how Sonova uses innovative hearing solutions to help people live their lives without limitations.

Sonova freut sich über die Auszeichnung

Sonova representatives delighted to receive the award: Thomas Bernhardsgrütter, Director Investor Relations, and Patrick Lehn, Corporate Communications Manager, at the prize-giving in Zurich.

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