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4EARS Campaign: Free hearing tests for children in need

4EARS Campaign

With the 4EARS campaign, the Hear the World Foundation raises awareness for the underestimated topics of hearing and hearing loss. As part of the campaign, a selected group of partners makes a donation of a certain amount to the foundation for every hearing test conducted in one of their stores.

With the slogan „One hearing test for you, one hearing test for a child in need“, the Hear the World Foundation is launching a global campaign for children in need who suffer hearing loss. Especially children with hearing loss in developing countries face reduced prospects for their  future. As it is difficult to learn a language for those who have trouble hearing, they often run a higher risk of missing out on education and an age-appropriate development.

A great number of partner stores are participating in the campaign, and make a donation to the foundation for every hearing test they conduct. This facilitates medical care for children’s hearing and offers them the chance of improved hearing and with it a better future. A few of the selected partners belong to AudioNova, Sonova’s worldwide network of hearing care providers.

To illustrate the joined commitment to 4EARS, a visual language was developed, which conveys the core message in a simple and emotional manner. The key visual is a child’s hand, which is holding up four fingers. The gesture stands for the idea of a hearing test for four instead of just two ears, so the customer at the audiological specialist store, and a child in need will benefit from the process.

Furthermore it marks the four easy steps from the hearing test to the aid for the children who are affected:

For the 4EARS campaign, the renown German photographer Philipp Rathmer captured images of ten children of Sonova employees. With this measure, the employees and their children actively support the work of the Hear the World Foundation and participate in turning the vision of Sonova – to bring the delight of hearing to more and more people –  into reality.

„The presence of our little protagonists gives the campaign a strong profile and helps children in need in this manner. This is a beautiful example of the great commitment of our employees to the Hear the World Foundation“, says Sarah Kreienbühl, GVP Corporate and HRM & Communications of Sonova (until 09/2017).

After its successful launch in Italy the campaign is currently running in Austria. An implementation for other countries such as USA, Canada and Australia is planned.


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