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Responsible products and services

We offer our customers and consumers innovative technology, high quality products, and expert audiological care, and strictly adhere to health and safety standards.


Our priority goal

Improve product reliability rate >20% year-over-year for hearing instruments and cochlear implants.

Initiatives and programs

Product quality, safety and reliability

Sonova’s medical devices are regulated globally by government agencies, healthcare authorities, and other regulatory bodies who verify that we are complying with applicable health and safety regulations throughout our products’ life cycle. We work to maintain transparent, constructive, and professional relationships with all applicable regulatory authorities on matters of policy, product submission, compliance, and product performance. The requirements we meet include design controls, marketing approvals, good manufacturing practices, vigilance systems, clinical studies, and other relevant product regulations, standards, and normative documents specified by these agencies.

Data privacy and digital ethics

Sonova protects the confidentiality and integrity of the data it holds, including the data of employees, customers, patients, and business partners using technical and organizational means. We adhere to applicable data protection laws and regulations. We closely monitor developments in data protection law and incorporate its principles into our business processes and product design. We continue evolving our data protection program to meet the changing demands of the digital environment.

Securing information assets is a priority for Sonova. We are committed to secure digital and non-digital files, records, and information to prevent unauthorized access, modification and loss. IT and cyber security is supported by guidelines issued by the Vice President Corporate IT who acts as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and reports directly to the Group CFO. The guidelines on IT security determine security standards for all functional or business applications controlled by Sonova.

Ethical marketing and sales practices

Sonova adheres to strictly ethical marketing practices in all our businesses and takes active steps to prevent inappropriate practices or false claims. We ensure that our advertising, packaging and promotional material provide accurate, balanced, and non-misleading information. This commitment is laid out in our Group Code of Conduct and further refined in policies, guidelines, and standard operating procedures, e.g. on claims management.

Animal welfare

As a manufacturer of medical devices, Sonova is required by regulatory authorities to demonstrate the biological safety of any product with body contact by complying with the international standard ISO 10993-1. According to this standard, animal tests need to be considered in biological safety evaluations; in some cases, they cannot be completely avoided. Sonova also provides components of cochlear implants to cochlear implant research centers and universities, where these are tested on animals for basic research concerning e.g. safety, feasibility or efficacy of new technologies. Sonova does not carry out any animal testing in-house and only works together with third parties. We are committed to the “Three Rs” principle – replacement, reduction, and refinement – to limit animal testing as far as possible.