Corporate Social Responsibility at Sonova


Sonova’s strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is reflected in our vision and values; our Code of Conduct provides the guide for acting with integrity. The CSR organization helps us to live up to our commitments consistently while advancing best-practice standards.

CSR Steering Committee 

The governing body for Sonova’s CSR organization is the CSR Steering Committee, which consists of members of the Management Board chaired by the CEO. Overall responsibility for economic performance lies with the Management Board. Relevant environmental and social topics are supervised by Group Vice President Corporate Human Resources & Corporate Communications and the Group Vice President Operations.

CSR Management Office 

The CSR Management Office provides expertise and advice to the CSR Steering Committee. It implements the strategy approved by the committee and coordinates group-wide initiatives in close collaboration with experts from the CSR network. The office maintains dialog with relevant stakeholders to ensure the alignment of Sonova’s CSR strategy with their needs. It tracks key performance indicators and reports internally and externally on Sonova’s CSR activities and performance. The office also initiates and runs internal training and education programs to build social and environmental awareness and expertise within Sonova.

CSR Network 

The CSR organization is supported by a global network of CSR champions from two categories: functional champions and country champions. CSR functional champions are linked to group-wide business functions; they connect with the CSR Management Office on relevant functional issues. CSR country champions represent one or all Sonova group companies in a given territory and are responsible for gathering data and locally implementing CSR initiatives.

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