Corporate Social Responsibility at Sonova

Customer focused solutions

Hearing aids adjusted in real-time with built-in video conferencing

Development of new products

The market offers exciting opportunities for new customer groups and new solution formats. Our consistent platform approach to product development in hearing instruments and cochlear implants – along with our continued high investment in research and development – allows us to countinously expand our product offering to exploit these opportunities.

Innovation through collaboration

At Sonova, we consider interdisciplinary collaboration as the guarantor of progress. Especially when it comes to as complex a subject as hearing. One key area of our innovation strategy therefore lies in establishing and promoting international networks where the specific knowledge of leading research bodies, hospitals, companies and institutions is pooled together, enriched and comes to fruition in new hearing solutions.

Long-term partnership and open exchange are the hallmarks of our collaboration with around fifty top-class universities and centers of excellence and technology. The focus of this interdisciplinary work is to leverage all potential for innovation: Together, we are broadening our understanding of auditory perception and its cognitive processing, driving forward digital signal processing and the miniaturization of electronics, improving material and implantation technologies and researching the possibilities of bionics.

We work especially closely with the international groups of experts from the Pediatric Advisory Board to develop hearing solutions that counteract hearing loss in early childhood and at the same time include and support the entire family.

Smart technologies

The digital revolution and the Internet of Things are making their way into various aspect of our lives. New, web-based business models are questioning the status quo because they promise more convenience, simplicity and freedom with smart technologies and services. We welcome this development, since maximum comfort and autonomy for the user, as well as flawless service, are also our key areas of innovation.

eSolutions today

Digital technology and comprehensive connectivity make our hearing solutions smart companions that have about as much in common with the conventional idea of a hearing aid as iPods do with gramophones. And this is not just in terms of resolution, sound, understanding of speech, form factor or design: Media players of all kinds can be wirelessly connected and music, TV sound or calls can be enjoyed in excellent quality directly inside the ear.

Thanks to the discreet Bluetooth microphone, you can follow conversations even in noisy environments - and in some cases better than a person without hearing loss. And with the smartphone App, all of the parameters and functions can be controlled intuitively and individually.

eSolutions for the future

Audiological quality and ease of operation are one thing, while the multiplication of opportunities through networking is another: Our hearing solutions go way beyond just the instrument itself, becoming a digital experience that brings together, empowers and supports the healthcare provider and the user seamlessly and in real time at all stages of the hearing journey.

From online-based histories and efficient customer support to electronic remote adjustment and optimization under real, in situ conditions, digitally networked solutions offer users a previously undreamed-of degree of control and freedom. Wherever the user might be, the audiologist can be by his side online in an emergency, directly capturing the specific audiological situation using definitive data and providing immediate assistance.

Continuous data monitoring, as well as the influence of Big Data, are allowing ever more differentiated fine tuning, as well as more targeted advice. Follow-up appointments are a thing of the past, spatial distances are no longer an issue, professional and personal assistance as well as effortless instrument adjustment by the user are only a tap on the smartphone’s touch display away.

People with hearing loss enjoy complete autonomy in a fully networked world of hearing. Our promise is to use and further expand these digital channels to establish one-to-one, real-time relationships with our customers.