Corporate Social Responsibility at Sonova

Access to hearing care

Expanding market reach

Innovation is not limited to products – it also drives the way we approach the market, both through our wholesale companies and our retail audiological service network. The industry is seeing a rise in lower-cost retailers, but also an increased emphasis on personalized care from dedicated audiologists. We address both these trends through channel partnership, vertical integration, services that generate increased customer demand, and an expanded presence in underdeveloped growth markets, such as China.

Broad product portfolio

Our declared goal is to offer the most technologically advanced hearing solutions and services available to users worldwide. The comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledge that we acquire in the process is factored into each of our products. It also enables us to offer a broad bandwidth of service and pricing levels for individual needs and different markets.

Improved infrastructure and new channels

On accessible or established markets, we rely on product cooperation partnerships, which means we are constantly improving our networks and ensuring all-round, comprehensive care with audiological services and treatments. The development of new product and marketing formats, the targeted training of audiologists and in particular close collaboration with state bodies means we are able to reach more and more people, even in parts of the world where care has been in short supply, and contribute to establishing modern audiological healthcare.

Customized solutions

Around 1.3 billion people around the world speak a Sinitic language such as Mandarin or Cantonese. These are tonal languages, where the basic frequen- cies communicate the information content of words. To better understand the specific needs of Chinese people with hearing loss, we are working with China’s largest hospital, the Tongren Hospital, in Beijing. The result is a specific prescription formula for the amplification / frequency curve shapes of tonal languages. Or to put it more simply, hearing aids offering significantly better speech clarity for millions of people in Asia.

The Hear the World Foundation

Hear the World FoundationWe also support people with hearing loss and limited access to hearing care through our Hear the World Foundation