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What is inspiring about Sonova?

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I love working here because there's always a feeling of togetherness.
Solveig | Research Audiologist
What I enjoy most about working for Sonova is how Sonova focuses on the growth and development of their employees.
Jan | Manager Audiology & Education
I am being here for almost four years and I love the opportunities that the Hear the World foundation offers and all the amazing projects they do all over the world.
Annemarie | Audiologist
I always feel like I am a contributing member of the company and then my thoughts and ideas are heard and respected.
Michael | Principal Clinical Specialist – Northeast
Part of my job is working in the marketing department as an audiologist in a team called "Next Generation".
Solange | Audiology Manager
There is a lot of expertise and lot of opportunities to learn and come up with very exciting products for patients.
Smita | Clinical Research Scientist
Do you know what motivates me the most in my day-to-day work? Making patients smile again.
Olivier | Hearing Care Professional
Everybody has the same goal of helping people to hear better.
Holly | Clinical Product Development Audiologist
As my employer, Sonova and therefore Phonak make sure that I have a very varied range of activities and a lot of fun working with great products.
Christiane | Product Management
The diverse jobs that Sonova offers through all its different brands have been absolutely fantastic for me.
Bettina | Director Audiology & Education APAC
What I really enjoy about my job is every morning I get to come to work to know that I will be making a difference to someone’s life out there.
Davina | Audiology Manager


All the really smart people work together to make great hearing aids.
Paul | Program Manager R&D
I am super proud of what we are doing!
Jinyu | Director R&D China
Everyone is encouraged to talk to everyone else and this is also what drives innovation.
Stefan | Manager Product Projects
The way that we have been leveraging the technologies from Sonova and Phonak has really improved our product development team.
Josh | Clinical Engineer
We can provide the best possible products and services so that our recipients can re-connect with the hearing world and live their life without any limitations.
Bing | Senior Research Scientist
I love working here, I love interacting with the teams… great personnel! Everybody’s got a great attitude! This is a fantastic company!
Max | Mechanical Engineering

Other backgrounds

Working for Sonova is a demanding job, but it is also a lot of fun!
Vinod | Director Advanced Bionics India
We are now part of a global hearing health care company that allows us to attract worldwide talent to come and develop these exciting products for the company.
Rob | Director Corporate HRM Wholesale Asia Pacific
Thanks to Sonova I have complete access to extensive internal management training programs, so I can really thrive in this area.
Kevin | Sales Manager
We work like a family in Unitron Suzhou and I feel very comfortable.
Enpei | Supervisor Manufacturing
For me, working for a company with such an open culture is more than just a job. I love tackling new challenges with a great sense of responsibility and good team spirit.
Angelika | Project Leader Marketing
I love the fact that Sonova creates an environment which is all about work hard and play hard.
Joe | Divisional Hearingcare Manager
I think that teamwork and flexibility are the most important characteristics of our company.
Marian | Product Manager
I love my job at Sonova because every day I can make people hear the world again!
Elena | Head of Hear the World Initiative