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Market trends

The importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss continue to be underestimated, even though according to the World Health Organization (WHO) over 15% of the world’s adult population is affected by hearing loss.

The number of people with hearing loss continues to rise, due both to the aging of populations in developed countries and to growing noise pollution in our environment. In addition to the impact of hearing loss at an individual level, untreated hearing loss puts a heavy cost burden on society. Today’s hearing technologies offer the opportunity to reduce this significantly. The hearing aid market continues to grow, driven by long-term socioeconomic forces.

Ageing population

Overview hearing loss and age

The number of people on our planet will continue to increase.

Although populations in developing countries are expected to grow the most, even developed countries with stable populations will face a growing proportion of elderly citizens, who are likely to experience hearing loss.

These trends result in an increase in demand for hearing care.

Sonova offers its customers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry – from hearing instruments to cochlear implants to wireless communication solutions.

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Digital Transformation

Our customers’ lives are increasingly digital. More and more healthcare services are being offered through web-connected personal technology, and the “internet of things” will increasingly blur the distinction between hardware, software, and communication.

We therefore continue to extend our technology platforms by introducing comprehensive digital solutions and services linking Sonova with its customers and their hearing care providers. We aim to provide a seamless, efficient, and easy digital experience to connect, empower, and assist people throughout their hearing journey.

New technology to be introduced over the next year will make remote monitoring and adjustment even easier, using the advanced wireless technology features of Sonova hearing aids to customize their fitting to each individual’s lifestyle.