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06/12/2021 | 08:00 CET | Hansaton

STRATOS shines even brighter

HANSATON welcomes new stars to its STRATOS platform

December 6, 2021 - Hearing system manufacturer, HANSATON, introduces new stars to its successful STRATOS platform. Designed to explore new dimensions of hearing, this platform highlights the power and beauty of two new stars, to cover a broader range of hearing needs.

The beauty of Ultra Power

The beat ST RT675 UP hearing system is HANSATON’s most powerful BTE. This state-of-the-art hearing aid was designed with great attention to detail, including sophisticated style and dual receivers, for higher output and gain.  

The PRISM™ chip, with double the memory, opened up further possibilities for HearIntelligence™ technology to reach new heights with STRATOS. HearIntelligence technology includes powerful sound performance along with wireless connectivity to all phones*.  

The HANSATON wireless connectivity boasts hands-free Bluetooth® phone calls and, with the improved STRATOS Bluetooth® functionality, it is now possible to connect two phones or tablets at once. Clients who own smartphones want the option to personalize their listening experience and can now do so in an easy or slightly more advanced way.

Each client’s needs and priorities are different, especially when it comes to ultra power hearing systems. So for the HANSATON UP hearing aids there are three pre-sets in the scout fitting software to get a more personalized start: Classic, Modern and Active.

The beat ST RT675 UP has all the amazing STRATOS signal processing.  Intelligent AutoSurround continuously adapts to acoustic environments for more exact signal processing. It enables the hearing systems to react rapidly and accurately to changes in clients’ hearing environments. Dynamic SpeechBeam further helps clients focus on speech and filter out distracting noise, while Intelligent NoiseReduction is designed to highlight speech from the front by canceling intense background noise from beside and behind.

The recently launched Lifestyle Analyzer is great with new clients: first fit them with myChoice, HANSATON’s programmable trial devices, and then review their personal listening lifestyle after 1-3 weeks. You’ll be able to make a personalized, fact-based recommendation about which performance level is best for them.

Expanding the rechargeable portfolio

The other new addition to the portfolio is the AQ beat ST R rechargeable BTE. Measuring just 3.3 cm, the AQ beat ST R impresses with a new dual receiver and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. With a maximum charging time of three hours, the advanced Lithium-ion technology gives the hearing instruments 24 hours of runtime between charges.  This new rechargeable BTE provides increased gain and leverages all the advantages of the STRATOS platform.  

Our rechargeable STRATOS devices have a convenient tap control feature for easy access to accept & end phone calls, play & pause audio streaming, and trigger a voice assistant.  

Both the beat ST RT675 UP and AQ beat ST R feature water resistant IP68 certified housings available in appealing color combinations, with the HANSATON wave design in tone-on-tone for an elegant touch.  

With these new stellar BTE additions, you can find power and beauty in this latest update to the STRATOS portfolio, delivering solutions for a broader range of hearing needs.  Stronger performance, more connectivity features and even easier handling make these new hearing aids heroes of everyday life.  Support your clients on their journey to a new hearing experience.

Innovative by tradition:

Since the inception of HANSATON in Hamburg, Germany, we have been striving to provide exceptional, cutting-edge products with impeccable design to our exclusive partners and their clients. We have a driving passion to help people hear better. We deliver on that passion with esthetically pleasing designs so people can be proud to use our hearing systems. STRATOS is an incredible new step on this journey.

We invite you to join us…

Together we can provide premium designs and innovative technology for exceptional hearing



HANSATON, a hearing system manufacturing company, was founded in 1957 in Hamburg and has been part of the Sonova Group since 2015. Throughout the hearing system industry, HANSATON stands for innovative technology and award-winning product design. Together with hearing system professionals and partners, HANSATON develops custom-tailored solutions to help people enjoy optimal hearing experiences. HANSATON hearing systems are available worldwide. 

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth® profiles. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.