Vision & mission

Our vision


Employee in our department Operations (Staefa, Switzerland)

A world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations

At Sonova, our vision is straightforward. We foster a world in which there is a solution to every hearing loss and all people equally enjoy the delight of hearing. The Sonova Group aims to be the most respected hearing care company in the world and, as such, has a social as well as a business goal: help people hear the world by providing the most innovative technology, service-oriented dedication and by accepting responsibility for all of our actions.

Our Hear the World Foundation contributes to turn our aspirations into reality even for those people who otherwise would be left aside. Its stated mission is to assist in specific ways where people with hearing loss can be helped. To this end, the Foundation involves itself with financial resources, the provision of hearing aids, or the deployment of a team of professionals to provide hearing care services, so that everyone can enjoy a life without limitations.

Our mission

To be recognized as the innovation leader in the global hearing care market

Today, the Sonova Group is the broadest hearing care provider in the industry. We are committed to offering the most comprehensive range of solutions – from hearing aids to cochlear implants to wireless communications solutions – to treat all major forms of hearing loss.

We are in the favorable position of being able to leverage our global infrastructure, and obtain extensive customer feedback. Our core business brands Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and AudioNova create compelling new products and offer the optimal solution for every user, tailored to the individual’s needs and provided by hearing care professionals in a wide range of personalized service channels.

To be recognized as the innovation leader, we are constantly pushing our limits in order to even better serve the specific needs of our customers. Our open-minded, international corporate culture facilitates global synergies. Our well-anchored local service, support and sales presence across the globe as well as our respect and appreciation for local differences are both key to our success.

We strive for highest ethical behavior and unquestionable integrity. These values are at the core of our corporate culture and form an integral part of our endeavor to create sustainable success and value for all our stakeholders.