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Career Stories

"I know I’m making a difference"

Career Stories

Meet our Desicion Maker, Chatinder who works as a regional sales manager at Boots Hearing Care in the UK.

I knew a lot about Sonova before I joined the company 

When I was an audiologist, the Sonova brands were the most popular among my customers. Their feedback was always positive. The Sonova technology really impressed me, especially in advanced bionics and cochlear implants. As I looked deeper I found more about Sonova that resonated with me personally and professionally, particularly the emphasis on caring for others, taking accountability and striving for excellence.​

Boots and Sonova make a perfect partnership

Teaming up with a well-known brand like Boots gives Sonova access to millions of potential customers in the UK. In my region we have 40 Boots stores where hearing care is available, and there are more than 500 in total across the UK. Customers come into Boots to get a prescription or an eye test and they can book in for a hearing check at the same time. If we find any issues, we can get them the help they need. Just being there helps raise awareness of hearing loss. That’s especially helpful for customers who might not get their hearing checked otherwise.​

Sonova helps you find your strengths

I had only been working as an audiologist for 18 months and had no previous management experience but Sonova saw leadership potential in me and helped me grow into this role. I’ve been here six years and this is my second management position. We do strengths finder assessments that give you a better understanding of yourself. That’s helped me be a better manager, because you have to lead in a way that’s true to who you are.​

I’m very competitive

I have high expectations. That also attracted me to Sonova, because you have to be good to work here. I want my team to deliver the best sales figures. If I’m not winning, it makes me work even harder. I have the autonomy to do what I think is right for my region and I can challenge what I don’t agree with. I appreciate that trust.​

It’s important to me to be part of something bigger

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I need to know I’m making a difference. I like the fact Sonova has a bigger picture beyond selling products. The Hear the World Foundation is respected within the industry for the impact it has across the world. Everyone at Sonova is encouraged to get involved, especially in parts of the world with limited access to care. This is very personal to me because of my Indian heritage. From a young age I've seen how a lack of understanding about good hearing health can affect a person’s life.​

This is how I create sense

I lead a team of 35 people and I want to help every one of them in the best ways I can. That can be through giving advice on customer consultations because I’ve been in their shoes, being there for them in difficult moments and by helping them to grow. It’s really important to me that my people feel happy and inspired so they enjoy their work. The most satisfying part of this job is to see people develop new skills and move into different roles.​

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  • Working at Sonova since 2015
  • Current Position:  Regional Hearingcare Manager - West Midlands for  our business brand Boots Hearingcare
  • Location:  United Kingom
  • Previous positions at Sonova:
  • Regional Hearingcare Manager - Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire for our business brand Boots Hearingcare
  • Trained occupation: HCPC registered audiologist