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Benefits & wellbeing

Benefits and Wellbeing

At Sonova, we believe that happiness and performance go hand in hand. In other words, we don’t want you to just get the job done – we want you to enjoy doing it.

Benefits and Wellbeing


Healthy and active, efficient and motivated and a zest for life: these are the goals of Body & Mind, our Group-wide health initiative.

Body & Mind focuses on:

●  Well-balanced nutrition

●  Physical and mental harmony

●  Active relaxation

●  Regular medical check-ups

Sonova group companies provide specific activities and local Body & Mind programs suited to their places of work.



Family-friendly and flexible

We want our employees to have a good work-life balance. Sonova group companies provide different initiatives in this area according to place of work and job role. As an example, we support family-friendly and flexible working through part-time work, job-sharing, working from home, priority access and financial support for day care, and parental leave. Regional variations may apply.

Benefits and Wellbeing