Values & principles

Our values

At Sonova, we come to work every day knowing that our relentless innovation drive across all disciplines, our shared engagement as a team and our responsible approach to everything we do brings the delight of hearing to many millions of people: to hear better, to listen to music for the first time, to communicate effortlessly with friends and loved ones, and to fully enjoy life with all its great variety of sounds. Our shared core values and beliefs of innovation, engagement and responsibility reflect the corporate culture that defines and unites us as a company across all brands and regions.


  • We strive to be recognized as the innovation leader across all disciplines.
  • We offer the best solutions to our customers.
  • We continuously push the limits of technology.
  • As we grow our business, we remain pragmatic and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

In the anechoic chamber at our headquarters in Switzerland, measurements are taken for the development, verification and optimization of our hearing technology. We challenge the current limits of technology constantly in order to provide optimal care for people with hearing loss.


  • Our highly dedicated employees are key to win the hearts and minds of our customers.
  • We believe in cross-functional teams in which every voice matters.
  • We pursue a strong presence in local markets and we understand local needs.

Members of our headquarters staff meet at Coffee & More, the company’s own cafeteria. Our open-space architecture supports an environment where working is more than just a job.


  • We strive to be credible and transparent towards all stakeholders.
  • We turn the challenges of our customers into our own, bringing everyone the delight of hearing.
  • We take our social responsibility serious: we are committed to the prevention of hearing loss and support people affected by hearing loss.

The Hear the World Foundation supports people with hearing loss worldwide. In Nairobi, Kenya, the foundation established a hearing center and supports the Jabali Kindergarten and the Joymereen School for the Deaf, where children with hearing loss are granted a sound education.

Our principles

Code of Conduct

Our shared core values and beliefs of innovation, engagement and responsibility reflect the corporate culture that defines and unites us as a company across all brands and regions. Ethical behavior and unquestionable integrity form the core of our corporate culture. Our reputation for ethical behavior and integrity is one of our most valuable company assets. It is the result of our daily actions and as such it is an integral part of our endeavor to create sustainable success and value. Each one of us is personally responsible and accountable for helping the Sonova Group maintain its reputation for the highest ethical behavior and unquestionable integrity.

The Code of Conduct is binding for and applies to all employees within the Sonova Group, its subsidiaries and any contractors or vendors performing work for the Sonova Group or any of its subsidiaries.

The full text of our Code of Conduct is also available in other language versions


Leadership principles

At Sonova, we strongly believe that the way we lead and collaborate with our employees, customers and other stakeholders is a key business differentiator. To leverage the strengths and to tap the full potential of our employee talent base will be key to meeting our business goals in the long term. The Sonova Leadership Principles reflect and build on our shared, group-wide leadership understanding and form the basis for excellent leadership. By implementing and living up to the Sonova Leadership Principles we reach our objectives and realize our vision in a sustainable way.