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Work life

At Sonova, we foster an environment in which work is more than just a job. We believe there are two key concepts at the core of a successful working life: daily achievement and enjoyment. In other words, we not only get things done, but we also enjoy doing them.

Sonova balances this challenge by granting our workforce greater freedom to harmonize work, individual lifestyles, and personal life. We provide a wide range of employee benefits, which vary from country to country. Our work life portfolio for our employees at Sonova headquarters in Stäfa for example addresses the following areas:


The physical and mental well-being of our employees is an issue particularly close to our hearts. Staying healthy and active, being productive and motivated, and living life to the full: that’s what our health program is all about. To this end we offer a unique blend of health information, offers and services.

Balanced Nutrition

  • Free apples every day during the winter months, and every Monday in the summer
  • An extensive daily breakfast and salad buffet featuring 100% fresh ingredients
  • Health, Calorie and Juice weeks
  • Initiative around drinking water and waste avoidance

Company-wide medical service

  • Preventive flu vaccinations in autumn


  • Power yoga, pilates, a company sauna and swimming pool
  • Sports teams and large locker rooms
  • Massages at reduced prices
  • Various sporting events including ski weekends, ‘bike to work’ cycle rides, squash nights, the SOLA relay race and golf tournaments
  • Gymnastic exercises during work breaks in the production


Social benefits beyond the obligations

  • Accident insurance: Sonova covers the premiums of each employee’s non-occupational accident insurance. In the event of hospitalization due to an accident, our employees are – in addition to the federal law on accident insurance – insured worldwide for medical expenses in the private ward of the respective hospital.
  • Continued payment of wages in the case of illness or accident: in the event of not-at-fault illness or accident, as well as health issues due to pregnancy, this entitlement amounts to 100% of the agreed gross salary for up to 730 days.
  • Continued payment of wages in the case of maternity: employees who are entitled to maternity compensation by law receive 100% of the gross salary agreed before labor for the duration of the legal maternity leave of 14 weeks.
  • Pension Fund: free choice possible between three savings scales. Risk insurance premiums (covering death/invalidity) are covered by Sonova.
  • Daily expenses for hospitalization: Sonova pays half of the employee premium after the employee has completed four years of employment. Sonova covers the entire employee premium after the completion of nine years of employment.
  • Health insurance: our collective contracts offer Sonova employees the possibility of receiving attractive general conditions and simplified conditions of admission with regards their supplementary health insurance.

Employer's day care center

Since November 2010, we have offered employees’ children access to the Gwunderfitz day care center. However other companies or families can also benefit from this offer. The day care center is run by the association Verein Arbeitgeberkrippen.

Gwunderfitz is located in spacious new premises at Laubisrütistrasse 42, adjacent to Sonova’s headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland. The center has its own outdoor play area, with various possibilities for strolls and discovery walks. More information on the day care center



Our company-owned Bistromax staff restaurant offers varied menus and rich buffets at reduced prices. We rely on a high quality of our products: Where possible, we use organic products from local suppliers. Our kitchen was awarded the quality seal Best of Swiss Gastro. With its in-house cafeteria, Bistromax serves as the central meeting place for our employees at Sonova headquarters. Everyone can enjoy their time here with coffee and tea for free.


Mobility concept

The Sonova mobility concept  promotes the use of environmentally friendly transport over motorized individual vehicles. Sonova therefore supports the use of public transportation in order to fulfill its social engagement as environmentally conscious company.

This concept includes giving employees a Zurich transport association (ZVV) BonusPass. With this approach we pursue a sustainable mobility policy and support the use of environmentally sound forms of transport. This way we hope to encourage all of employees to move towards using more public transportation to and from work.

Our aim is that more than half of all employees use public transportation to get to and from work.