Sonova Careers - A single sound can transform lives

Facts & figures

Sonova Innovation RateFocus on innovation: Products less than 2 years old consistently account for two-third of our hearing aids sales

Hear the World Foundation: Over 510 Sonova employees got involved in voluntary work schemes or fundraising projects

Close cooperation with top universities across the globe

Over 60% of all key positions have a potential internal successor

Sonova Human Capital - Women in leadershipWomen in management positions: 39%

Average workforce tenure: 6.1 years

Hear the World Foundation AmbassadorsOver 90 celebrity ambassadors support the Hear the World Foundation: All have been photographed by Bryan Adams

63.5% of our employees are female (in our operation centers 86.5% of our employees are female)

Over 65 years of expertise in hearing technology

The Hear the World Foundation has donated and professionally fitted more than 1000 hearing aids and FM systems in the past year as well as provided follow-up care 

Between 40 and 60 patent applications per year 

45% of our employees belong to Generation Y (born between 1979 and 1994)

Over 13,000 employees worldwide & present in over 90 countries