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Current outlook

Outlook 2016/17 as of May 18, 2016

Ours is an expanding market, with dynamics that favor our business model: an expanding customer base that demands ever more innovative solutions provides all the right conditions for further growth. We anticipate that our hearing instruments and our cochlear implants businesses will both contribute to positive future development. In 2016 / 17, we expect to increase consolidated sales by 4% – 6% in local currencies.


in percentage

FY 2016/17

Sales growth in local currencies 4%-6%
thereof effect of retail strategy on wholesale ca. - 1%
thereof acquisition related growth ca. 1%


in percentage Guidance
FY 2016/17
EBITA growth in local currencies 3%-7%

1) Guidance 2016/17:

  • Does not include contributions from the announced acquisition of AudioNova

  • Considers impact of retail strategy on wholesale

  • Considers effects from sale of Italian retail business early in Q4-15/16


While actual reported results may vary based on currency fluctuations, Sonova continues to mitigate the impact of the strong Swiss franc on earnings growth through its long-term global resource allocation strategy. 

Sensitivities*: A strengthening of the USD by 5% would affect sales in the financial year by approximately CHF +42 Mio. and EBITA by approximately CHF +13 Mio. The corresponding effect of a 5% stronger EUR would be CHF +27 Mio. on sales and CHF +14 Mio. on EBITA.

* As a basis we take the average rates for the year 2015/16: EUR/CHF 1.07 und USD/CHF 0.97